As I mentioned yesterday, Scott and I had a chance to travel to Holland just before we moved back to the States from Germany.  While earlier in the year, we thought I would be delivering our baby girl, the beauty we experienced during that same week was so comforting (and I didn’t know I was already pregnant with […]

Recently we went to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens here in Nashville to see the tulips before they disappeared.  When we arrived, the scene took my breath away.  I was overwhelmed by a flood of memories and feelings that got me a little choked up.  This picture means a thousand things.  Looking at her brought me back exactly 7 […]

Hello everyone!  Today I need your help.  I am still recovering from a baking frenzy from our daughter Anna’s No Kid Hungry Bake Sale where we raised money for the hungry children (more on that later).  We made some banana bread, but I kind of felt reluctant to sell it, because it was OK.  We […]

So the funny thing is that I bought this domain and have been trying to tweak it just like I want to for a few weeks now.  But time keeps moving on, and I am waiting on support from the team to get it working like I would like it to. But the main reason […]