So the funny thing is that I bought this domain and have been trying to tweak it just like I want to for a few weeks now.  But time keeps moving on, and I am waiting on support from the team to get it working like I would like it to. But the main reason I started this blog was because of our big news:  I’m pregnant!  Friday I will be 10 weeks.  I know it’s early, but I would love for people to walk with me on this journey, through all the seasons we experience as moms, emotional, physical, spiritual, and our own children’s stages of growth.  And I fear that if I wait until the website works perfectly, it will be awhile 😉  My main inspiration for starting this blog is feeling like an older pregnant mom at 38.  Our girls are still pretty  young, 4 and 6, but I definitely am a little apprehensive about being older.  However, I do feel the 6 years we have had kids does bring along some experience (and I’d love to hear about those who are even further along down the road).  I am looking forward to trying out new baby items since mine are all 6 years old (and letting you know what I think as well as hearing your views).  My husband, a pediatrician in practice since 2004 will also share new updates on the medical end.  And of course, with our first baby passing away with birth defects from Trisomy 18, I usually throw in a post about grief and loss.  So while the website isn’t perfect yet, the blog posts will work just fine. Bear with me, and join with me as we journey together.  I have learned a lot about strong-willed children, and I want to also use this as a platform to encourage other moms going through what I have endured (and to encourage you that it does get better!).  I cook a lot, and I have often stored away tricks and recipes that I’d like to share, too.  Not to mention some deep thoughts I have rattling around in my head on occasion–things that God has put on my heart to share.  So you can see, we will talk about a lot of different things!  I can’t wait to get started!

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