IMG_1097Recently we went to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens here in Nashville to see the tulips before they disappeared.  When we arrived, the scene took my breath away.  I was overwhelmed by a flood of memories and feelings that got me a little choked up.  This picture means a thousand things. IMG_1095 Looking at her brought me back exactly 7 years ago when we were biking through tulip fields in Holland at their peak.  I wrote about it in my other blog; we had planned to go see the tulips our last year while living in Germany.  But when I found out I was pregnant with Grace and due April 25, we called my parents to ask them if they were still planning to come see the tulips.  Then we said, “well, you’ll be coming to see your new grandbaby instead.”  We were not disappointed.  Then we found out baby Grace had passed away right before Christmas that year, so we put the Holland trip back on the schedule.  It was a blessing to be surrounded by such beauty while we were remembering her due date and what our lives would have been.  I felt like I was pregnant at that time, but I kept getting negative pregnancy tests.  Of course it turns out I was pregnant with this girl and didn’t know it yet 🙂  Here we are 7 years later at the same time of year, and I have her life in front of me as a testimony of beauty from ashes, not to mention our other little beauty IMG_1116and being pregnant at the same time.  My heart could hardly contain the amount of emotion, memories, thankfulness and beauty in one day!  Here are some more pictures from Cheekwood, and tomorrow I will share the real tulip fields.

IMG_1091 IMG_1102 IMG_1131 2 IMG_1127

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