Almost 2 weeks ago I had a detailed ultrasound followed by a first trimester screen (a blood test of mother’s blood that can tell you if your baby has any genetic disorders).  It’s amazing how science has progressed–that you can use my blood to determine chromosomal problems, and a nice byproduct is that you can find out the gender of the baby early.  I opted for the test, because our first baby, Grace, had Trisomy 18.  It was agony waiting with our other 2 pregnancies until the 20-22 week mark to see if everything was ok.  Because I am 38 and had history of a baby with a genetic problem, I qualified for the test.  I was expecting the results this past Wed, but we received the phone call on Friday morning that everything was normal.  I turned 13 weeks on Friday, so it has made this pregnancy much more relaxing at this point, knowing that so far everything is ok (based on the ultrasound and screen).
So today, I dropped this off at the Crisis Pregnancy Center
because. . .
 IT’s a BOY!
We were thrilled, but I felt even more extremely grateful that everything is healthy.  What a huge relief, and while I don’t have to be nervous, now I feel this sense of over-protection of this precious life inside of me.  Thankfully I have just made it through the first trimester, but I am fully aware of umbilical cord accidents, pre-term labor, etc. etc. so I hope and pray each day that he stays well and my body stays healthy.  We are truly praising Him for this special gift.
You all may (or may not) know me well enough to know that we would praise Him even if we had received bad new.  Our hearts would have been broken, but we know the circumstances in this life do not determine whether He deserves our praise or not.  My God is worthy to receive power, and glory and honor, forever, Amen.  My heart has broken for several friends who have posted this week they have lost parents, so even though we are in a moment of joy, my heart is fully aware that other people around me are suffering, and I am so sad for you.  I know this has nothing to do with whether we are having a boy or girl, but I wanted each of you to know that while we are rejoicing, our hearts are with you, too.
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