Time flies!  I still have many topics for posts floating around in my head that I cannot wait to write about, but when you are thick into the middle of summer with 2 young kids at home and trips in between, it’s hard to fit it in!  But, on this last night of 22 weeks pregnant, I had to sit down and update.  I (we are) am in love with this little guy.

baby boy June 11

Baby boy June 11

I can feel him kicking often which is such a comfort, but as you know, the anxiety never goes away.  Now my anxious thoughts are “I hope I don’t go into labor before he’s viable” or “what if I’m 30 weeks and have to go on bed rest.”  Please understand these are not consuming me, but they are things that I hope do not happen!  Sometimes I still can’t believe that we will have another child!  I do know how fast the newborn phase passes (I’m NOT saying it’s easy, but watching my little nephew who turns 2 in September makes me realize how fleeting those first year moments fly).

We don’t have a name, but Elizabeth (our 4-year-old) calls him “John.”  She even made sure to sign Scott’s Father’s Day card with “John’s” name.  We don’t have a nursery.  Our girls are in such transition–in a year, when Elizabeth goes to Kindergarten and will be getting up early with Anna, it will work to move them in together.  But until then, he might be sleeping in a pack-n-play in the dining room (our room is on the first floor) with his crib in Elizabeth’s room by day.  We will see how it all turns out. . .

Why was it so important to write at the 11th hour on the last day of our 22nd week?  It always feels like I’ve hit a milestone.  We were in the middle of week 22 when we found out that baby Grace had died in utero.  I do not fear the 22nd week, but it somehow is a time of reflection of coming this far and the sweet reassurance of feeling him kick so often.  When we found out about Grace we had no idea what had happened, which made it shocking.  But later we found out there were complications from Trisomy 18.  This baby boy does not have any genetic issues, and we have been spoiled with a detailed ultrasound at every visit, confirming that his development and organs are growing perfectly.  We are so grateful!

So, with that said, as of tomorrow, we will have 17 more weeks!  And I am ready for the gray and blue.  🙂

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