We have had a lot of company this month (which has been great), but it means that I have hardly even gotten on the computer.  I wanted to catch everyone up!  Our baby boy will be born around 7:00am on Tuesday, October 27!  Yes, that’s just days away.  I have to say I’m a little relieved!  His due date is November 5 (I just turned 38 weeks), and my C-section has been scheduled for November 2 for awhile.  But about a week ago, my OB decided to move it earlier, because he is measuring large, and I have a little extra fluid.  While I can’t believe it’s so soon, I feel so much better knowing that he will be here earlier.  I have weekly Non-Stress-Tests on Tuesdays and then weekly ultrasounds and appointments on Wednesdays.  It was nice to know this would be my last week of those.  I also get anxious at the end–for some reason I get fearful that something might go wrong in those last few days.  Maybe I know too much in my line of work with Cradled?  I always said my greatest fear in pregnancy was getting to the hospital and hearing something like “if you had only come a couple of hours ago, we could have done something” (i.e. emergency C-section) only to find out the baby had died.  Trust me, I am not consumed with this anxiety, but it is always in the back of my mind with every pregnancy.  Around 34 weeks I was measuring extra large (37 week size) so I have had trouble sleeping for a couple of weeks now, and I feel like I can barely walk 😉  Needless to say, these are the other reasons I am relieved he is coming early.  I understand how every day in the womb is so much better for the baby, but having the weekly ultrasounds has shown that he has been doing his practice breathing for awhile and should be able to handle the world!  Here is a surprise 3D ultrasound (at my routine appt., the ultrasound technician just switched heads and asked if I’d like to see it 3D), and I fell in love when I saw him 😉

September 9 baby boy

September 9

On the flip side, I am not looking forward to the recovery of  another C-Section.  I hope and pray it is as easy as my second, but we are in a different hospital now, so I don’t know how it will go.  I had a terrible recovery with my first, but the second one we stayed on top of the pain, and this one will be a new situation so we will see!

You can pray that the Lord makes it clear what his name is–we have 2-3 that we really like, but it is hard to know which one to pick!  It would be nice to know before we get to the hospital, but maybe when we see him we will know!

That is the quick update–while it has been difficult to make time for all of these extra appointments, I have been spoiled to get to see him every week.  I will share some of the clearer 3D ultrasound pics–he always has his face pressed up against the placenta which makes it look a little less clear.  Cute, nonetheless!  He looks a lot like Anna did, and they keep saying he has a lot of hair–we will soon see!  Enjoy!

October 14 baby boy

October 14

October 21 baby boy

October 21

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