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girls meeting him for the first time after school

IMG_2068John Henry was born October 27 at 7:42am.  He weighed 9lbs 8 oz.  Yes, we are doing the double name 😉  I know it’s southern, but John seemed too plain.  He was so big he just looked like a John (I was about ready to name him Andrew Jonathan until I saw him).  Big hands, big thighs, and a whole lot of baby.  I had no idea he had gotten that big–my OB had decided to deliver early, and I am so thankful, even with a C-section!  I definitely had a hard time walking around and could not lie flat on my back under any circumstance, but I was definitely surprised.  The last ultrasound 2 weeks before had measured him as 8 lbs 13 oz, but she said it could be 21oz over or under.  I was thinking maybe it read a little high, but now we know!


Getting ready to go home


2 days old

I always like to hear how people choose their baby’s name:  Scott and I both independently felt like the word “strong” kept coming up for this baby boy.  He thought of the verse from Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” and I actually had the word “strong” in my head but never could settle on a name.  Andrew means “strong” but Scott really liked “John Henry” my grandfather’s name and his grandfather’s name.  Elizabeth had been calling the baby “John Henry” since we found out he was a boy at 13 weeks, so I could always hear her saying it in my head.  As I said above, when I first saw him, I just kept thinking “he looks like a John.”


Few days old

We have been home exactly a week.  I had hoped to update sooner, but I hardly even walked upstairs where my computer is during this time.  We have turned our dining room into a temporary nursery for the first 2 months since our bedroom is on the main floor.  Today is his due date, and I am so thankful to be on this side of it.  I am actually feeling pretty well.  Today he’s been quite a bit fussy and high maintenance, but overall we have gone from eternal feedings to starting to get it down to 10 minutes per side.  He’s getting to be a big boy!  My parents have helped with taking and picking up the girls, and it is nice to know some part of the night if he will not go back to sleep, my mom can stay up with him until the next feeding.  It will be hard to adjust on our own, but I know it will happen.  I remember being sooo nervous the first time I went out with both girls by myself–we went to Target, and it seemed like it took all day with feedings and handling two under 2.  Now it’s a bit laughable 😉  I wanted this baby earlier, but now I see what a difference a 5-year-old and 7-year-old can make.


One week old

Speaking of the girls, they have definitely been adjusting.  While they LOVE their baby brother, there are many moments where they are not acting like themselves.  I have tried to keep a lot of their life the same, and I thought me being home from the hospital would make things better, but it’s obvious each girl has been sorting through her own feelings (subconsciously).  I have been trying to read up on how to conquer this the past couple of days, so any advice is appreciated 😉  I just want my girls back; they are really testing things right now!

I can’t believe we are a family of 5 now or that I have 3 kids. I am really trying to soak it all in, since this is our last baby (unless we adopt).  It has also brought back a lot of memories of being a first-time mom (maybe since it was so long ago or maybe because I want to remember this time (hard when it’s so foggy with lack of sleep and Percocet).

More later–baby crying!

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