Just in case you are tempted in the slightest way to think that I have it all together based on that last post (those that know me personally know that’s not true), I will clarify some things.  Yes, I prepped 40 meals and froze them, but that meant that other parts of my house were a complete mess that day.  No, I have not had a haircut since August (and it’s driving me crazy), but since October 27, I have had an infant attached to me.  I did get my eyebrows done with him laying on my stomach, and the next time a friend held him for me (for those who are afraid I’m neglecting myself).  He will start a mother’s day out in August (and maybe a little bit this summer), so I know eventually I will get a little bit of total freedom back.  But for now, I definitely don’t have it all together.  If I spend the day tagging items for a consignment sale, then the rest of the house looks crazy.  If I have to deal with other items that come up (sick kids, snowstorms, shopping for a new dishwasher) then I have to let something else go.  There is definitely not enough time for it all, even if I know I have not “wasted” time.  It’s definitely hard in this phase where you have to drop everything to nurse or pump and stop what you’re doing to do school pick-ups.  I hardly feel like I can complete one task with all of the interruptions.  The rest of my day is also determined by how cooperative the girls are (which is something we are still working on).  Those of you whose parents are not available (either they have passed away, cannot take care of your children or do not live nearby), I feel your pain!  You can’t just drop the kids off to go to the grocery store when you need to, so any free moment is to get all the necessary things done.  Those of you whose spouse works late nights, on weekends or Sunday mornings (whether it be your job or ministry) I feel you pain!  All of the hours that you are on your own add up, and that means if you choose to do one thing, then another has to be let go.  I daydream about my house being organized.  I worked on my closet the other day and got it completely put back together.  It feels so good.  But that meant the stack of dishes were still there.  Deep breath.  Even now there is a stack of dishes, because I chose to write instead.  I know in my heart that I’m doing the best I can, and I know full well how every choice I make means giving up something else.  Compared to others, this might not be good enough.  But at the end of the day, I know I have worked my hardest, and since I’m not living the same life as others, I can’t compare, because we are all giving and taking from somewhere.  I used to feel so ashamed that I just couldn’t seem to get it done.  What was wrong with me?  God helped me come out of that rut by other people being vulnerable and honest about their houses and lives.  As moms, we are doing the best we can, and that’s all we can do.  Take comfort in that.  The tips I shared yesterday have helped me, and I hope they can help you!

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