I am bad at decorating.  Even my 5-year-old tells me this.  It is a huge weakness for me to look at furniture, accessories, wall color and put them together.  I know what I like when it’s a finished product, but I cannot envision something undone.  I admire people who can do this!  I have been looking for a piece for our entryway for about 3 years.  I wanted something classy but unique.  I saw a painted piece at a local shop, came back home with a few paint color sticks to put on the wall, decided on a color, went back and the pieces were sold.  Then I realized I needed something taller (so I could put seasonal decor on top without little hands being able to reach), and I looked through their warehouse.  There was a piece ready to go to the flea market that was gray–I had never even considered this color but realized it actually makes the details of the furniture pop.  Then I walked by this piece.

The piece bows out on top and the doors bow in.

The piece bows out on top and the doors bow in.

At first it wasn’t really catching my eye.  But the more I looked at the lines and imagined them peeping through the gray, I decided to put a 24-hour hold on the piece.  I brought home the gray color stick to compare, and the next morning Scott did not like it.  He is good with color, so it made me insecure in my decision.  I consulted  2 friends throughout the day, and they both thought the gray could work.  The next morning I stopped by the warehouse to look at the piece.  On my way I was praying–“God, please help me to know if this is it, and help me to pick the right color.”  Honestly on the inside I was desperate, because I do not know how to do this!  Yes, it could always be painted over if it’s terrible, but I really wanted to make the right choice the first time.   I found the piece in a new location of the warehouse, and it appeared even more beautiful than before.  I decided to go pay for the piece; I was sure this was it, and it wouldn’t last.  I was having commitment phobia about the color and talked it through with the store workers.  They mentioned gray, white and blue-gray.  Aaagh!  I knew I only had a limited amount of time before they would actually start painting to make this decision.  All of them were good colors.  Probably none would be wrong.  But I wanted the color that would bring out the character of the piece the best and fit within my color scheme at home.

My neighbor came over the next morning.  She was the only one to be standing in my house, seeing the color stick and the picture of the furniture.  She immediately said the gray would look gorgeous on the piece and for our foyer.  whew.  I felt so much better.  I was thankful for 3 different people who gave me good advice, and they all mentioned other colors first, but when they started thinking through they all agreed gray would look nice.  I was grateful to God for giving me peace about this decision and direction about something I didn’t know what to do!  Then last night, after it was probably too late to change, my best friend sent me a picture of someone’s house with a similar piece.  IMG_6738It was so neat to see what the finished product might look like, because I have a hard time envisioning final products.  It was an extra dose of confirmation that I had not even asked for or expected.  Wow!

Y’all.  We are talking about furniture, I know.  But these same principles work in your choices every day.  He will lead you if you ask!  So ask Him!  “Lord, I have no idea what to do.  What is the next step?  Help me choose the best path.”  Consult 3 people you trust or who know you or expertise about your situation.  Often like with paint colors, there might not really be a “wrong” choice.  But we want the best–for us and everyone involved.  The best that will bring out the best strengths and character in you, your children, or whoever you are praying for and their influence. Get in the habit of asking God to lead in your choices/circumstances.  He will, and it will build your faith when you realize He cares!  If you’re not facing a big decision right now, just start by praying for your child’s teacher this year.  (whether it’s preschool or high school).  Pray that God will place them in the right classroom with the teacher who can help them grow academically and socially.  If they’re home schooled, pray about your curriculum or the manner in which you teach.

I just wanted to use this silly illustration to let you know, that if God cares enough to answer my prayer when I honestly didn’t know what to do about a furniture color, He will hear your prayers about whatever decision you are facing.  You may feel desperate like I did, and be encouraged, you will know, and you just might receive some expected confirmations like I did.  Wait and trust expectantly, and He will show you the next step.  Even if you are fairly confident in the choice, God still helps us in the little things–even furniture paint.

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