Pregnancy Loss

The other day I stumbled across this Babycenter blog regarding how long to wait to conceive after a miscarriage.  Michelle Stein mentions new research from a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology, that after studying 1000 women who had lost babies before 20 weeks they found no medical reason to wait 3 […]

Time flies!  I still have many topics for posts floating around in my head that I cannot wait to write about, but when you are thick into the middle of summer with 2 young kids at home and trips in between, it’s hard to fit it in!  But, on this last night of 22 weeks […]

Recently we went to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens here in Nashville to see the tulips before they disappeared.  When we arrived, the scene took my breath away.  I was overwhelmed by a flood of memories and feelings that got me a little choked up.  This picture means a thousand things.  Looking at her brought me back exactly 7 […]