Hi everyone!  We start school here on Monday.  One of the most stressful parts of getting back into the routine is meal planning and preparing.  I have started a Facebook group in which I’ve posted a grocery list today for next week’s weeknight meals–fresh and gluten free.  I will be posting instructions for prepping ahead […]

A lot of you have asked how I am doing with 3 kids.  (of course, many of you have more than 3 kids, so you are rolling with it now).  I remember when I just had 2, looking at others and musing, “how do they do it?”  I will say I had a VERY hard […]

Hello everyone!  Today I need your help.  I am still recovering from a baking frenzy from our daughter Anna’s No Kid Hungry Bake Sale where we raised money for the hungry children (more on that later).  We made some banana bread, but I kind of felt reluctant to sell it, because it was OK.  We […]