Just in case you are tempted in the slightest way to think that I have it all together based on that last post (those that know me personally know that’s not true), I will clarify some things.  Yes, I prepped 40 meals and froze them, but that meant that other parts of my house were […]

Every year I try to post something about Veteran’s Day (on my old blog www.rachellebelievinggod.blogspot.com), and at the risk of appearing dramatic, I feel a sense of duty to still mention this part of our lives every year.  I’m not seeking attention; I know few in my current circle who have experienced the military combat […]

Almost 2 weeks ago I had a detailed ultrasound followed by a first trimester screen (a blood test of mother’s blood that can tell you if your baby has any genetic disorders).  It’s amazing how science has progressed–that you can use my blood to determine chromosomal problems, and a nice byproduct is that you can find out […]

So the funny thing is that I bought this domain and have been trying to tweak it just like I want to for a few weeks now.  But time keeps moving on, and I am waiting on support from the team to get it working like I would like it to. But the main reason […]