Journey Through Motherhood

Join me as we walk together! I have already learned a ton, and I know there are many more lessons in store. We will discuss medical topics, the strong-willed child, pregnancy, recipes, products, and spiritual lessons. I'd love to hear your thoughts, too!

Cradled by Love, Hope and Healing

A non-profit organization that provides support and resources for women and families experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant loss, and infertility. Click Here To Visit The Cradled Website


My pediatrician husband chimes in for medical news, updates, and opinions. He enjoys keeping up to date with modern trends and especially helping those first-time moms or moms of teenagers.

Product Reviews

I like products that either make life a little easier or provide good value. Click here if you want to see what I think!


I cook a lot, and sometimes I stumble upon a great recipe or trick.

Deep Thoughts

Sometimes there's a theme in my head or a spiritual inspiration that I need to share

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Every year I try to post something about Veteran’s Day (on my old blog, and at the risk of appearing dramatic, I feel a sense of duty to still mention this part of our lives every year.  I’m not seeking attention; I know few in my current circle who have experienced the military combat […]

John Henry was born October 27 at 7:42am.  He weighed 9lbs 8 oz.  Yes, we are doing the double name 😉  I know it’s southern, but John seemed too plain.  He was so big he just looked like a John (I was about ready to name him Andrew Jonathan until I saw him).  Big hands, […]

We have had a lot of company this month (which has been great), but it means that I have hardly even gotten on the computer.  I wanted to catch everyone up!  Our baby boy will be born around 7:00am on Tuesday, October 27!  Yes, that’s just days away.  I have to say I’m a little […]

This would typically be Medical Monday, but we just got back from the Razorback game against UT Vols in Knoxville.  We had a chance to stay in Pigeon Forge (Smoky Mountains) and enjoy the fall beauty!  I love how they decorate there, and I am so grateful we live so close!  I will let Scott contribute […]

We love packing one or two boxes every year for Samaritan’s Purse and their Operation Christmas Child boxes, and it is that time of year again!  This is a huge, well-organized operation of collecting gift boxes that you and I put together for children all over the world and Samaritan’s Purse safely delivers them (without […]

Finally we are going to start the “Medical Mondays” while someone helps me tidy up my blog.  My husband is a practicing pediatrician and has some advice to share about the flu to keep your kids safe. “Am I going to die?” In the middle of my third year of residency, one of my fellow […]

Time flies!  I still have many topics for posts floating around in my head that I cannot wait to write about, but when you are thick into the middle of summer with 2 young kids at home and trips in between, it’s hard to fit it in!  But, on this last night of 22 weeks […]

People are always so kind to ask how I’m feeling.  I’m actually doing pretty well–had a bit of a scare last Friday, but everything turned out fine.  I have a horrible gag reflex so often I am clenching my jaw for fear of throwing up.  Otherwise, I really am doing well.  Emotionally, I bounce back […]

Almost 2 weeks ago I had a detailed ultrasound followed by a first trimester screen (a blood test of mother’s blood that can tell you if your baby has any genetic disorders).  It’s amazing how science has progressed–that you can use my blood to determine chromosomal problems, and a nice byproduct is that you can find out […]

As I mentioned yesterday, Scott and I had a chance to travel to Holland just before we moved back to the States from Germany.  While earlier in the year, we thought I would be delivering our baby girl, the beauty we experienced during that same week was so comforting (and I didn’t know I was already pregnant with […]