Silver RankThis photo means a lot to me.  It represents a measurable goal that I accomplished but also a journey that has already grown me and taught me so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I was content with my life before I jumped on board with Plexus.  It never was in my plans to own a business or work from home.  Now I can’t imagine my life without this team, this network of people and these products and opportunity.

The back story:  Over a year ago I saw people posting about Plexus, and thought, “who needs supplements when you can just eat right and exercise?  Why would people pay money when you can regulate your life for free?  What is this ‘pink drink;’ are these people high on something weird, because they are so excited about it?!”  This was all before I researched the ingredients myself and now understand how they work and that the products are mostly natural.

Then my friend, Lyndsay, began posting a lot of research articles on the ingredients.  I was more curious, because my psychology degree focused on reliable, validated research, and I liked seeing the data on the ingredients our bodies need.  Then she posted her personal story about how she no longer needed her allergy medications and nasal inhalers.  WHAT?!! That seriously got my attention.  I have struggled with tree and grass pollens since junior high school.  I hated walking in the grass, because my feet itched as if bugs were constantly biting me.  (true story: when I was in my 30s I told Scott I didn’t like walking in our backyard, because the bugs were always biting me; he told me “I think that’s your grass allergies!  There are no bugs biting!”   I did not open windows or spend much time outside in the spring, because I could feel it at night.  I did treat my symptoms with antihistamines, nasal inhalers, and weekly injections, which did help.  I often wondered, though, “how did I suddenly turn allergic to pollens in 8th grade, when I used to play outside all of the time without issue?”

I sent Lyndsay a message to find out if she really meant that her allergy symptoms were gone, and she said “yes.”  I was newly pregnant at the time, so I wanted Scott to try the products, because I didn’t understand how they worked and didn’t want to try something while pregnant.  He asked Lyndsay a ton of questions and was willing to give it a try.  Keep in mind, my husband is a Board Certified Pediatrician, so he understands the body, biology, research, and chemistry better than I do.  I told her I would try them after I had given birth.  About a year ago, I signed up for Ambassador pricing, and she reassured me there was no requirement to sell.   I did keep it in the back of my mind that I wanted to have my products paid for if we ended up liking them.  I didn’t pay much attention to the team pages, but once in awhile I was impressed by their support and encouragement, and development as leaders.

I started taking the XFactor vitamin soon after delivery in November, because I had seen that the folate was not a synthetic version, and it contained Aloe.  My mom had always used aloe vera gel on our wounds, so I thought it could certainly help my C-section wound.  I knew I felt better when I took the vitamins, but I didn’t understand why so I just tucked it away as anecdotal evidence, not enough to share with others.   I was amazed how much faster and better my scar healed this time around, and when I went in at 6 weeks my OB even mentioned how good my scar looked to her.  Then Christmas day, when my baby was 2 months old, I started the ProBio5 and BioCleanse, because I wanted to do my own personal experiment.  I wanted these in my system for a few months before Spring, and I would quit all medications and injections to see if it worked.  (I had my last injection right before giving birth, and with a newborn and the holidays, I had not made it back for another shot).  This set me up for a true test.  Originally before being treated for allergies, I was miserably sick, constantly having sinus pressure/swelling and sometimes asthma attacks if I was outside on a high pollen day.  My allergies were under control with the injections, allergy medications, and nasal inhalers, but I still had difficulty when counts were high.

Lyndsay had prepared us for a little bit of die off symptoms from getting rid of yeast overgrowth in our guts, so I stuck with it to see what would happen.  By about the 2 month mark, I realized I hadn’t had a nap in weeks, even with getting up throughout the night with a newborn.  I had sustained energy in the afternoons (and I wasn’t drinking coffee, because I was nursing).  I felt “lighter.”  I returned to my pre-baby body faster than I did with my other pregnancies.  I was truly amazed how young I felt and how I could be outside in the Spring with NO reactions to pollens.  All of this without taking any kind of injections or medications.  It almost seemed too good to be true.  And then when I found research validating that there was candida (yeast) in our guts that can become overgrown and lead to symptoms of allergies, I was amazed.  And research that backed up how antibiotics, birth control pills (which I had certainly been on) and steroids can all affect our guts, I knew I had to start sharing.  Most everyone can agree that we all need a good probiotic.  Plexus’ probiotic is different, because it contains natural antifungals along with the strains of bacteria.  (I’ll admit this did all sound bizarre to me at first, and with an increasing trend online about gut health, I wanted to look up every claim I was seeing before telling anyone myself).  I started finding MDs (people who went to medical school) who understood yeast overgrowth and its link to many symptoms we have now.  And why a healthy diet and exercise aren’t enough to balance your body completely.  I also noticed how I didn’t WANT sugar anymore.  I realized my body was transforming in a way that changed my desires/thinking, and it was wonderful to have help. Because I had energy, it was easier to want to get out and go for walks.  No more striving but truly a change on the inside that affected my willpower and choices.

Disclaimer:  I 100% believe in the expertise of Allergists and immunotherapy did help with my reactions to pollens.  Please continue to follow-up if you are on this kind of treatment, and trust your Allergist.  Immunotherapy and antihistamines do their jobs as well.  I know my body well enough to know when I was reacting too severely and needed help, but I do not recommend this with a child or asthmatic.

So, mid-March after realizing that the Plexus products really do work, I decided to jump on board to start selling.  My curiosity about what it would look like to sell the products had been growing, but a turning point was when my husband mentioned that I might need to get a job, because his level of pay is not what we were expecting at this point (due to many different factors).  I started brainstorming what I could do that I would not have to spend all of my money on childcare, and Plexus made the most sense.  I could fit it in on my own time, instead of having to get showered, fight traffic and have to be somewhere at a certain time.  I could work the business into the cracks of my life (and get paid pretty well).  And if life gets too busy to work much, I can make up for it another day.

I made up my mind I was going to do my first Facebook post to get the word out about my experience.  The night I had decided I was going to go for it, I began struggling with negative thoughts to the point I had almost changed my mind the next morning.  (what was I thinking?  I can’t sell, I’ll never learn, etc.)  I got on Facebook and randomly clicked on a leader’s post where she shared how she almost didn’t start her Plexus journey for fears about being good enough or was it really a good fit?  (she was a teacher by trade but is now at the top rank in our company, a 6 figure income).  That gave me the courage to do my first post.  Amazed by the immediate responses I spent the first week talking with people, answering questions and following-up.

I ended up LOVING my new job!  I already did this kind of work in my own life just by reaching out to people and following-up.  I started listening to training videos and researching ingredients and had so much more respect for the company that I set new goals of not just having my products paid for but actually earning an income.  I knew my sponsor was near the bottom and mentioned they paid their mortgage with her Plexus income, so I knew the opportunity and paychecks were the real deal–not just promised.  So my first goal after having my products paid for was to earn Silver Rank.

Here I am, almost exactly 4 months since I decided to actually sell the products (even though my 1 year anniversary of an Ambassador is coming up).  I can’t wait to go to convention next year.  I can’t wait to meet all of my new friends in person and see friends from growing up/college who are also doing Plexus.  I can’t help but talk about Plexus, because the results are proven, and I see too many lives changed over and over.  They stand by their products to the point they will give your money back up to 60 days after you purchase!  Even if the bottle is empty!  What store does that???  Their motto is “If you’ve been blessed, be a blessing.”  I honestly want you to reach your health goals.  I want you to get your life back.  I want you to tell me your husband was excited to have his wife back.  I want to hear that your mystery foot pain has disappeared.  I want you to tell me you love waking up in the morning now, that you don’t need as much coffee and you don’t drink soda anymore.  (these are all things I have heard from customers).  Not just because I want the glory or the sale, but because I truly want you to feel better.  It’s not a fad.  It’s not a diet.  It’s a simple system, and I will walk with you on your journey.  If you know anyone who could benefit from the products, please consider referring them to me.  If you are contemplating joining my team, I would love to work with you!  I will continue to update you on my Plexus journey, and now you know how I got to be the Plexus lady 😉

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.